Alice Flynn

QUESTION:  How did you get started in Quilting and what has kept you interested?
ANSWER: In the early 1960's I sent for a Paragon Quilting Kit.  It had a stamped outline for cross stitching and quilting.  As I recall, that was the first large quilt I made.  The quilting was done on a floor quilting frame.  This was self taught and required several years to complete.  For more options I bought an illustrated book titled "Patchwork Possibilities."  This publication covered many aspects of quilting:  applique, piecing, borders, basting, and binding.  It enabled me to acquire more skill in these areas.  At this time I became a serious quilter.
In 1988 I moved to the Cape and joined the Bayberry Quilters.  This organization helped me expand my quilting skills.  I've continued quilting because there is excitement in starting a new project, choosing the assorted fabrics and colors I would use.  I especially enjoy the hand applique or hand piecing involved.  Quilting while listening to music gives me a feeling of calmness.
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Betty Crowell


In 1978 I was working as a reading consultant in Ridgefield, Ct., and studying for a graduate degree, when I was asked by a friend to attend an adult education quilting class with her. As a result of a scheduling conflict with my other studies, she ended up going to the class alone, and the next morning she would teach me all she had learned the previous evening. She was a great teacher and also a wonderful motivator, because I became addicted and still eagerly quilt with a passion thirty years later.

In those thirty years I have made every mistake, broken every rule, and tried almost every new tool, technique and type of quilting that has come along. I was chastised, because in my first quilt (wall hanging) I used three colors of quilting thread! At that time white thread was the only acceptable color. Then I made a round quilt instead of a rectangular one! I even faced it instead of binding it!! The quilt police had a field day with that one! My problem was that I didn't know the rules until I had broken them!

During my quilt journey I have dyed, painted, stamped, marbled, shiboried and airbrushed fabric; I have pieced, appliqued, beaded, embroidered, and embellished quilts, both by hand and by machine. I have used cotton, wool, silk, Lutrador, Tyvek and paper, and once I even used a little bit of polyester! I can't catch up, because every day there is a new technique or material or idea to try. I have tried almost everything, never long enough to really master many of them.

The journey has been exciting, and I have never been bored. Because of quilting I have friends all over the country. Quilters are the most compassionate, caring and generous people I have known. I have belonged to some great quilt guilds and feel blessed to be a part of Bayberry, because it is the best. Every month I come home with new friends and something new to try! This is why I have continued to quilt for thirty years; this is why I hope to have another thirty years to learn and experiment and quilt, and above all to enjoy my quilting friends.
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Wall Quilt
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