Preemie Quilts

Preemie quilts for Tuft’s New England Medical Center’s Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit in Boston.

I use baby cotton or flannel fabrics, given to me, or picked up at Bayberry meetings. I practice new quilting methods I learn.

Perhaps you would like to help. The NICU can use quilts, crib/warmer covers, incubator covers and blankets.

Quilts can be 16, 18, or 21″ square, or similar rectangle shapes, with a thin batting or just a flannel backing. They can be quilted or tied, and can have secure embellishments. The quilts go home with the babies.

Crib / warmers are made from 2 pieces of fabric, one a juvenile print and one being a navy, black or brown. Sew the fabric right sides together, turn and stitch around the edges. Size can range from 6″x12″ up to 17″x32″. These shield the baby’s head/face/body from the light.

Blankets sizes are 12″ to 36″ square or similar rectangle shape. A single piece of polar fleece, knit, flannel, or any soft fabric can be used. Edges can be serged, turned under, or any finish you desire. They can be machine-appliqued. These blankets go home with the babies.

Incubator covers protect the babies from light and are really needed. They are made from 2 1/2 yards of fabric. If interested, call or email Ellie for these instructions.

It’s a wonderful feeling knowing I can help brighten the days for the parents of the tiny babies. Any of these items may be given to me. There is a nurse in Sandwich who works in the unit, so I give the quilts to her.

Ellie Held is coordinating this project, see membership book for Ellie’s phone number or email address.